Allison transmission troubleshooting manual pdf

Allison Transmission – 3000 and 4000 Electronic Controls PDF doc provides troubleshooting information for the allison transmission troubleshooting manual pdf and 4000 Product Families Transmissions. Description of the WTEC III electronic control system. Description of the electronic control system components.

Description of diagnostic codes, system responses to faults, and troubleshooting. Wire, terminal, and connector repair information. Specific instructions for using many of the available or required service tools and equipment are not included in this manual. The service tool manufacturer will furnish instructions for using the tools or equipment. Please use these SILs to obtain up-to-date information concerning Allison Transmission products. This publication is revised periodically to include improvements, new models, special tools, and procedures. A revision is indicated by a new date on the title page and in the lower left corner of the rear cover.

Check with your Allison Transmission service outlet for the currently applicable publication. Additional copies of this publication may be purchased from authorized Allison Transmission service outlets. Look in your telephone directory under the heading of Transmissions Truck. Take time to review the Table of Contents and the manual. Reviewing the Table of Contents will aid you in quickly locating information.

Have you ever needed to retrieve Allison trouble codes or diagnose an Allison world transmission? How about an imported truck transmission? NQR, Mitsubishi Fuso, Nissan UD, Ford lCF and International CF trucks? Here’s the answers to your problems! Transmission model on how to retrieve transmission trouble codes without any expensive tools or software, and trouble code definitions, and transmission troubleshooting information. Use the menu  according to the type truck or transmission you need information for.

Are you looking for diagnostic help that may not be electrical related? ASE certified technician will respond via E-Mail within 24 hrs weekdays. Terms of use, privacy policy and disclaimer. 2015 Greater Valdosta Community Christmas Parade 032. K pickup trucks, Suburbans, and Tahoes from 1975 through 1999.

The Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra trucks have been essentially the same for their entire history. However, there are some trim and add-on option variations. Early models included variations in the engine and equipment, but the present differences are slight. There are a number of models of light-duty Silverados and Sierras, including the half-ton, SS, and Hybrid. The light-duty trucks use the 1500 name. 4-door extended cab, and front-hinged 4-door crew cab. Three cargo beds are available: a 69.

The short box is only available with the crew cab. The Silverado Z71 got an optional lighter composite box, with a suspension package for towing, but lacked the high-output engine. GM introduced a reworked version of the Silverado and Sierra in 2003, with a new front end and a slightly updated rear end. In 2006 the Silverado received another facelift, similar to the HD version introduced in 2005 HD models. In addition to that, Chevrolet has deleted the “Chevrolet” badge off the tailgate that was used from 1998-2005. Its SUV counterparts retained the use of the pre-facelift sheetmetal. Silverado an overall “marginal” score on the frontal offset crash test for poor structural integrity and poor dummy control, although no injuries were recorded on the dummy’s body regions.

GMC created an upscale version of its Sierra 1500 in 2000 called the Sierra C3. It used all-wheel drive with a 3. 73 final drive gear ratio and included the 6. 4000 rpm coupled to a 4L60E-HD four speed automatic transmission along with other upscale equipment. The Sierra Denali was initially equipped with Delphi’s Quadrasteer system as standard equipment. It was a 4-wheel steering system that greatly reduced the truck’s turning radius and improved lane changing while towing.

For the ’07 model year, the Sierra Denali shares the same billet grille from the other Denali models, and also has the same dash as the ’07 SUV’s. The ’07 Sierra Denali was initially the only half ton pickup that had a 6. This truck is also an optional all wheel drive vehicle and goes 0-60 mph in 6. Launched in early 2003, the Silverado SS is a high-performance pickup truck built by Chevrolet. It is based on the 1500 Silverado with upgrades in drive train and both exterior and interior appearance.