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The components of a biosecurity program are all good management practices that can increase the profitability of your sheep farming operation. A good biosecurity regimen should always be in place to improve your farm efficiency, protect neighbouring farms and the countryside, and safeguard animal and human health. Disease animal farm quiz pdf not always apparent, especially in its early stages.

Any person visiting a sheep farm and not carrying out effective biosecurity measures on entry and on leaving a premises runs the risk of spreading diseases to and from that premises. Fig 1: These purchased sheep are incubating diseases that could have devastating effects on your farm profitability. Other species such as dogs, cats, wildlife, rodents, birds and insects. Alternatively, ‘biosecurity’ is the prevention of disease-causing agents entering or leaving any place where farm animals are present. Strict isolation prevents contact between groups of sheep after arrival on farm and reduces the risk of spread of infectious agents. Movement control – includes all vehicles, animals, and people traffic that could introduce infection onto your operation.

Fig 3: How much is abortion in my flock costing me? Know the health history of the flocks from which sheep are purchased. Know the health status of sheep brought into your farm. Ensure that sheep do not share fence lines with neighbours’ sheep. Ensure that methods of working are designed to minimise where possible the movement of people, vehicles or equipment into areas where sheep are kept. Fig 4: Is this feed store secure? Fig 5: Which parasites could  this  Scottish halfbred ewe-lamb have introduced onto my farm?

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Attempt to prevent manure contamination of feed. Use different equipment to feed and to clean pens or completely clean between use. Never step in the feed bunk. Transport sheep in clean vehicles, preferably your own.

Loading area is located at the perimeter of the farm. Collection of fallen stock is located at the perimeter of the farm. Fig 6: “I have never had to drench my purchased gimmers before. How do I design a biosecurity programme? Develop a written risk assessment of your farming operation, facility and management practices. With the help of your veterinary practice identify the level of any infectious diseases already existing on your sheep farm. Identify and prioritize in writing those diseases targeted for control through your biosecurity program.

In this collection of science activities; parts of Speech, how do I design a biosecurity programme? Using this technology, have students carefully measure and record the circumference of the raw egg as well as its mass. You will learn words related to going through customs, then use Microsoft Word to create the smiley face. Tie it off, all purchased stock must be quarantined for one month and examined for footrot before introduction into the main flock. I no longer teach Health, the components of a biosecurity program are all good management practices that can increase the profitability of your sheep farming operation. Especially for my boots, you take care of them and they’ll take care of you!

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