Application of complex analysis in engineering pdf

These application notes on vendor sites are some of the fastest moving targets on the web. Cuming has a really nice application of complex analysis in engineering pdf available for determining the dielectric constant and loss tangent.

It includes materials that they supply as well as for some other common materials. JP-4 fuel, various types of rubber, silica, beryllium oxide, pure water are amongst those included on the chart. Practical information regarding the performance of the XBee and XBee-PRO RF Modules. Double DAC rate by using mixers as switches, by Randall Carver, Analog Devices. Equations for calculating jitter and phase noise in data converters.

Mathematical basics of band-limited sampling and aliasing, by Vladimir Vitchev. Design of Microwave Transistor Amplifiers Using S Parameters by D. Application note from Optotek, by D. Microwave Class A power amplifiers in a very efficient and highly accurate manner when the only initial data available are the S-parameters of the transistors. By Ivan Boshnakov, Aerial Facilities Limited. This 108-page, highly detailed handbook is provided by Analog Devices – download it for free while it is available!

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A Tutorial on Applying Op Amps to RF Applications, by National Semiconductor. Guerrieri, Proceedings of the Antenna Measurement Techniques Association, pp. Kremer, Proceedings Antenna Measurement Techniques Assoc. A very extensive treatise of many antenna types, including definitions, photos, and examples, by David Jefferies of University of Surrey. Computing a correction factor for biconical antennas reduces the systematic errors for calculating normalized site attenuation and improves the accuracy of the theoretical model. By Zhong Chen and Mike Windler. Starts with basic antenna theory and builds through dipole, inverted-F, helix, loops, meandering, and other types.

Application note from Micrel, by Tom Yestrebsky. Introduction to Wave Propagation, Transmission Lines, and Antennas. The first article of this two-part series explores the basic concepts and techniques of antenna pattern measurement and evaluates the benefits and drawbacks of various measurement methods. The concepts relating to near-field and far-field pattern testing are discussed as well. The second article presents the theory and equations governing antenna properties and includes a complete description of a site calibration for pattern-measurement testing.