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You can download individual songs, download groups of songs, order CDs, or subscribe to our streaming service. Trouble with downloads, streaming, or CDs? Characters, Setting, Plot An engaging rap song for teaching characters, setting, and plot to students. Includes fun worksheets and multiple versions of the song to assist with scaffolding. Contains: 4 versions of the song, PDF worksheets, and answer keys.

The song covers book characters and literary characters, the themes of setting in literature, the analysis of a plot in writing and film, and how to write short stories by teaching through music, rhyme, and memorization. But what about the other folks, are they just chillin’? This website has detailed definitions for several literary terms including character, setting and plot. It also has links to other resources. This activity asks students to use characters, settings, and plots to write original stories. After reading To Kill a Mockingbird, students participate in a case study about how the setting of this book affected the plot. This activity asks students to write character sketches about people they already know.

Students then use online tools to outline the story elements in their skits. Fact-packed, smart lyrics geared to older children and teens. Clever, contemporary, and beautifully performed and produced An unforgettable rap format that actually sounds authentic. Economics and rapping wouldn’t seem to be the most natural bedfellows, but they keep showing up this latest instance is probably also the best.

An engaging rap song for teaching students how to use punctuation properly. To Kill a Mockingbird is a novel by Harper Lee published in 1960. Atticus Finch is the middle-aged father of Jem and Scout Finch. He is a lawyer and was once known as “the deadliest shot in Maycomb County”. Although he was a good shot, he does not like to mention the fact as he does not like the thought of having an advantage over people.

He appears to support racial equality and was appointed to represent Tom Robinson, a black man who has been accused of raping a young white woman, Mayella Ewell. Jean Louise “Scout” Finch is the narrator and To Kill a Mockingbird is told by an adult Scout who often comments on how she could not understand something at the time but now can appreciate it. She gets in trouble with her teacher Miss Caroline because Miss Caroline expects Scout to learn reading and writing her way. She matures from age 6 to age 9 as the novel progresses but remains naive and idealistic, despite an increased understanding of human nature and racism in her town. At the beginning of the book, Scout is confused by some of the words and names she hears people directing towards her father, such as “nigger-lover”. Being only six, Scout does not know how to handle such situations so she tries to resolve her problems by fighting, or by talking to Atticus about what she has heard.

Notable quote: “Until I feared I would lose it, I never loved to read. Jeremy Atticus “Jem” Finch is Atticus’ son and Scout’s older brother by four years. Jem matures greatly throughout the course of the novel, much more affected by events than Scout seems to be. Being four years Scout’s senior, Jem is seen to have a greater understanding of – and therefore greater difficulty in navigating – the obstacles thrown their way. Jem is seen explaining many things to Scout throughout the novel. Dill is the best friend of both Jem and Scout, and his goal throughout the novel is to get Boo Radley to come out of his house. Unlike Scout and Jem, Dill lacks the security of family support.

He is unwanted and unloved by his mother and stepfather: “They do get on a lot better without me, I cannot help them any. He hasn’t got a home, he just gets passed around from relative to relative. This character is believed to be based on author Truman Capote, a childhood friend of Harper Lee. She is highly regarded by Atticus. She is an important figure in Scout’s life, providing discipline, instruction, and love. She also fills the maternal role for the children after their mother’s death.

Calpurnia is a mother herself and raised her son, Zeebo, to adulthood. Calpurnia is a member of the First Purchase M. While Scout always hears her speak proper English, she is surprised to learn that Calpurnia does not do so at church, especially with the uneducated members of the congregation. While everyone in the novel is filtered through Scout’s perception, Calpurnia in particular appears for a long time more as Scout’s idea of her than as a real person. At the beginning of the novel, Scout appears to think of Calpurnia as the wicked stepmother to Scout’s own Cinderella.

To Kill a Mockingbird, the New York Times. So he is the vocal leader, what Kids Are Reading: The Book Reading Habits of Students in American Schools”, he does not like to mention the fact as he does not like the thought of having an advantage over people. Tom’s left arm is crippled and useless — the Good Earth by Pearl S. As children coming of age, scout beats up Cecil Jacobs because he says Atticus is a “Nigger Lover.