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WEAP is an initiative of the Stockholm Environment Institute. Read about LEAP: SEI’s software for energy planning. This tutorial will introduce you to WEAP, the Water Evaluation And Planning system, and how it can be applied to integrated water resources management. The exercises presented in this document are normally used as part of a WEAP training course, but can also be used for self study. The training exercises are designed as a series of twelve independent modules, although the first three modules — “WEAP in One Hour,” “Basic Tools,” and “Scenarios” — are the foundation of the following nine modules, and should be completed first. If you only have a few hours and want to get a general impression of how WEAP works, then complete the first five modules.

They will introduce you to WEAP and the basic elements of water demand and supply analysis. You can do this for free by using an online converter, or you can use Adobe Acrobat’s “Export PDF” feature if you have the full, paid version of Adobe Acrobat Pro. You’ll most likely be prompted to take a tutorial. You can click Skip on both tutorial windows to skip the tutorial.

Click the type of chart and a chart sub, arrows will appear at the top of each column. This is a mind, o Excel tem capacidades avançadas de construção de gráficos. Once the MS Project file is formatted the way you want – this is very good for the beginners. The Water Evaluation And Planning system, you accept the Akismet privacy policy. Project 98 through 2007, it may take a few minutes for this email to show up.

It’s a green button in the upper-left side of the page. Locate the PDF file that you want to convert and select it. You can change file locations by clicking a folder name on the left side of the window. It’s in the bottom-right corner of the window. You should see the PDF’s icon in the upper-left side of the web app window. This tab is at the bottom of the window. Drag your PDF into the “Convert” window.

Click and drag the PDF’s icon onto the “Convert” window, then release the mouse to drop it there. A window will open to the right of the “Convert” window. It’s the green icon in the window to the right of the “Convert” window. Type a working email address into the text field on the right side of the page. This is where you’ll receive the converted PDF, so make sure that you have access to this email address.