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To use the Acrobat documents, you must have a copy of the Acrobat Reader Download the Acrobat files or configure the Acrobat reader as a plug-in or a helper application for your browser. Printable Periodic Tables Unless otherwise indicated, the following tables are in Acrobat PDF format. To view and print these files, you will need to install the free Adobe Acrobat Reader program on your computer. The following descriptions include a sample element from each periodic table. 11 page, though some may require color to retain their appearance. The quality of the results will depend in large part on the quality of your printer. Click on the element symbol to download the PDF file.

This is the second “Build Your Own Table” website to which I have linked. This is online software that allows an amazing amount of customization, from color schemes to the data that you want displayed. I recently decided that the old CA State table we used for years needed to go away. An Earth Scientist’s Periodic Table, this is available in number of sizes on the linked page. This table was sent to me by a gentleman named Jim Parker.

He is generously sharing it with us. The elements are colored by element class, and the symbols are done in white rather than the traditional black. Kathleen Schenk, a Middle-School science teacher from Indiana, was generous enough to share with everyone this activity that she uses for teaching about matter and the periodic table. This is a first for this site – a link to a “Design Your Own” Periodic Table. The site allows you to customize the periodic table, with the information you require, and creates a unique PDF document from your preferences.

The periodic table linked here is a companion resource to a Nova segment called “Hunting Elements”. As you can see, it contains only basic information, but if you look at the document, it is beautifully produced and suitable for printing as a wall-sized table. This is a periodic table produced by the Merck corporation. The elements are color-coded by element class, and the table has a resolution that would allow printing at a very large size. This is a beautifully illustrated periodic table produced by the Foundation for Education, Science and Technology. It is color coded by element class and also includes phase information.

It would be a great table for classes up through middle school. Another amazing, beautifully illustrated periodic table! A truly unique periodic table, this table focuses on the abundance of isotopes of the various elements. A company called Quantum Design produced this table, which focuses on phase transition temperatures and properties such as superconductivity and ferromagnetism. Welcome to the power of technology in the 21st Century! This table was sent to my by the author, Dr.

Bonifacio of the Universidade Nova de Lisboa. One of my favorite instructional resources on the Internet is the Periodic Table of Videos, produced by the University of Nottingham. This is the periodic table used with the California Standardized Test in Chemistry. The back of the table includes equations, constants and other information available to students on the test. This table is my own creation.