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Fifty shades from christian point of view pdf forward this error screen to 68. The Study of the Negro Problems.

The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science, Vol. The full text of the Annals, Vol. XI is available at the Internet Archive: download page. The forty-fourth scientific session of the Academy was held on November 19, 1897. About five hundred persons were present who listened to a paper by Dr. The meeting was presided over by Charles C. Provost of the University of Pennsylvania.

Note 2: The meeting place is Philadelphia. The anonymously written “Historical Sketch of the Academy” indicated: “The meetings of the Academy have been held at irregular intervals through the winter months in the city of Philadelphia. The Study of the Negro Problem. Du Bois, will form Publication No. 219 of the American Academy of Political and Social Science of Philadelphia. Du Bois was recently appointed Professor of Social Science at Atlanta University, and has made a life study of this question. Note 2: Online Source at the N.

SNP was published within the section entitled “Reviews of Political and Social Science,” which itself was part of a larger “Periodicals Reviewed” essay. The Study of the Negro Problems,” by Dr. Du Bois, is perhaps the most noteworthy. The writer is himself a negro who has for some years pursued historical and statistical inquiries relative to his race. There are also articles in this number on “The Relation of Postal Savings Banks to Commercial Banks,” “The Economic Effects of Ship Canals,” and “Administrative Centralization and Decentralization in France. Reviews of Political and Social Science.

American Monthly Review of Reviews, v. Note 2: Online source at Google Books: p. Because of its length it is posted at the bottom of this web page . SNP and quoted several passages from the essay. This note emphasized the nature of the problems faced by African Americans, especially from U.

Note 2: Online source at the Internet Archive: full Vol. Publications of the American Academy of political and social science. The study of the negro problems. The author, who shall publish a very fine monograph on the black population of Philadelphia next year, indicated here the problems that resulted from the transplantation of the negroes and their enfranchisement which threw a poor, ignorant and degraded negro population into the political and social life of the United States, and created against it a prejudice which makes assimilation even more difficult.