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I am trying to use hobby came. Do I use it just like foil and came each piece separately. I have used came on both arms, head, dress, etc. When I try to flex, flex design patterns pdf soder the pieces together it melts.

Thank you so much for your advise. Yes, you came each piece separately, then solder them together. Hobby came is very thin and melts quickly. Don’t hold the iron on each joint as long as you are doing right now, and use a slightly lower temp on your iron. Just make sure the temp isn’t so low that you get peaks on the solder.

It need to flow on the joint, but not melt the came. Do you treat hobby came the same as “regular” lead came? No difference other than the fact that it is thinner and melts easier. It is usually used around the edges of suncatchers. It isn’t something you’d use to construct a window. My husband gave me a Stained Glass Window kit for Christmas but it didn’t come with an Lead Cane which is what I’d like to use. How do I know what sizing of H came or Round — to use for the glass that I have?

How do I choose what I’ll need? Although lead is used to hold the glass together, it is also used as a design element. You can vary the sizes of lead in one window if you want to add a touch of whimsey or originality. 4″, especially if this is your first experience working with lead and or stained glass. 32 would be my next choice. I’m trying to find a product I’ve only seen used on kitchen cabinet glass panels.

It is a half round lead came tape that has adhesive on one side and is applied to both sides of a solid piece of glass to give the stained glass look with out having seperate pieces. Do you know where I could find this product? Do a search for Decra-Led Self Adhesive Strip, or try Michaels, AC Moores, Hobby Lobby or Dick Blick for self adhesive lead strips. I am very new to this art and want to learn the traditional method using lead came. However, my first real project is going to be a transom. I am having difficulty gathering the supplies I need based on not knowing what size of came to use. I will have a bevel cluster in the center and was thinking I should use a smaller size around these pieces and a larger elsewhere.

How about whether it is a flat H or a rounded? Is there any greater degree of difficulty using one versus the other? The size of your lead is based on the design. For me, I use my lead lines as part of my design.

Lead is so much more than just something to hold the pieces of glass together. However, round faced lead will look just as nice, and I’m quite sure the majority of people looking at your panel will not know if it looks authentic or not! Modern designs are usually done with a round face lead. I tend to use more round than flat just because i like the look of it. One is no more difficult to use than the other.

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