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Moradin is the head of the dwarven pantheon. He is married to Berronar Truesilver, and counts Gruumsh and Maglubiyet among his most fierce foes. In 4th edition, Moradin counts Asmodeus as one of his chief enemies, and is closely allied with Bahamut. Moradin’s realm is Erackinor, on the plane of Mount Celestia, which he shares with his wife Berronar. Moradin charges his followers with the task of removing the kingdoms of orcs and wiping out the followers of Gruumsh. He is upset if they flee from their foes or kill their fellow dwarves. Moradin’s clerics wear earthy colors, with chain mail and silvered helms.

His clerics are usually drawn from family lines, like most dwarven occupations. The Hammers of Moradin are an elite military order dominated by crusaders and fighting clerics with chapters in nearly every dwarven stronghold and members drawn from every dwarven clan. The Hammers serve both as commanders of dwarven armies and as an elite strike force skilled in dealing with anything from large groups of orcs to great wyrms to malevolent fiends from the Lower Planes. The order is dedicated to the defense of existing dwarven holdings and the carving out of new dwarven territories. Moradin is worshipped at forges and hearths. Melted metals are sacrificed to him monthly.

Moradin’s holy days fall during the crescent moon. D 3rd Edition book Deities and Demigods and the 3. 5 Player’s Handbook, his domains are only Earth, Good, Law, and Protection. Tweet, Jonathan, Cook, Monte, Williams, Skip.

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