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British writer and illustrator of children’s books, primarily picture books, with fifty titles to his name. Browne won two Kate Greenaway Medals from the Library Association, recognising the year’s best children’s book illustration. 1983 medalist Gorilla one of the top ten winning works, which composed the ballot for a public election of the nation’s favourite. Anthony Browne was born in Sheffield, Yorkshire. His parents, Jack and Doris May Browne, ran a pub near Bradford, Yorkshire, and Browne and his older brother Michael grew up there. As a young boy, he enjoyed art, and used to draw with his father.

When he finished school Browne intended to become a painter, but being short of money he took a job as a medical illustrator, producing detailed paintings of operations for Manchester Royal Infirmary. Browne’s debut book both as writer and as illustrator was Through the Magic Mirror, published by Hamish Hamilton in 1976. Gorillas are frequently featured in Browne’s books, as he has said he is fascinated by them. He was once asked to present a children’s programme, whilst sitting in a cage of gorillas, and despite being badly bitten by one of them he completed the interview before being taken to hospital.

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Willy” is said to be based on himself. In 2000 Browne was awarded the Hans Christian Andersen Medal, an international award given to an illustrator for their body of work. This prize is the highest honour a children’s writer or illustrator can win and Browne was the first British illustrator to receive the award. 2002 Browne took a job as writer and illustrator at Tate Britain, working with children using art as a stimulus to inspire visual literacy and creative writing activities. The United States, Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia, France, Korea, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Japan, and Taiwan. He currently lives in Canterbury, England.

Today there are usually eight books on the Greenaway Medal shortlist. 31 high commendations in 29 years, including Browne and two others for 1988, Browne alone for 2000. No one has won three Greenaways. Helen Oxenbury with four and Browne with two. Archived from the original on 22 October 2008. Original artwork from children’s book illustrators.

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