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Please forward this error screen to sharedip-192186234233. He is a comparative scholar of agrarian and non-state societies, subaltern politics, and anarchism. Scott received his bachelor’s degree from Williams College and his MA and PhD in political science from Yale. Madison until 1976 and has remained at Yale for the duration james c scott pdf his career.

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Scott was born in Mount Holly, New Jersey in 1936. He attended the Moorestown Friends School, a Quaker Day School, and in 1953, matriculated at Williams College in Massachusetts. Scott’s first books were based on archival research, and he is unusual for conducting his primary ethnographic fieldwork only after receiving tenure. To research his third book, Weapons of the Weak, Scott spent fourteen months in a village in Kedah, Malaysia between 1978 and 1980. James Scott’s work focuses on the ways that subaltern people resist domination. His main argument was that peasants prefer the patron-client relations of the “Moral Economy,” in which wealthier peasants protect weaker ones.

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