Jazz guitar transcriptions pdf

Please forward this error screen to 91. This site is dedicated to the great PAT MARTINO and jazz guitar transcriptions pdf music. You will find links to transcriptions of most of Pat Martino’s music plus other transcriptions by great masters such as Wes Montgomery, George Benson, Kenny Burrell, Chet Baker, Clifford Brown and many others.

In this book, Joe explains his musical and guitaristic approach to the process of jazz improvisation. Joe Pass On Guitar includes 50 musical examples and three complete transcriptions, all of which are contained on the included CD. The Three Harmonic Families’ and the lines, scales, and chord superimpositions and substitutions that comprise this view of Joe’s jazz language. You don’t need the video to use the book, but the Joe’s commentary on the lines as he plays them can be very helpful. Short sections on using the CAGED system to play all twelve keys in 3 separate areas of the neck as well as Diminished, Augmented and Tri-Tone substitution processes.