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All Products: Demos, Catalog, Awards, etc. This is not a compilation of mismatched snippets of dubious quality learn visual basic 6.0 pdf from the Internet or code from other projects dumped into this.

All the code is well tested and documented so you can use it immediately and with confidence. Start it as an add-in and its always ready to insert code directly into your project, or import your code into the powerful Code Repository to share with your team. Extensive Code Breadth Every major area of software development is covered. Designed for the Needs of Developers Use it, Learn from it, Customize it You can treat our code as a black box and simply insert it into your projects and call it. Or you can learn from our techniques by examining it line by line. And because it’s source code, you can enhance it any way you’d like. Countless developers over the years have told us they learned some or much of their development skills and tricks from our code.

Pays for Itself Why write code we’ve already written for you? Subject to the licensing terms, you can include our code in any or all of your projects Royalty Free. Even if you are an experienced developer, there are probably several classes and modules which are new to you. All it takes is a few to solve some critical problems to pay for the entire product. You can then treat the rest of the code as “free”. Code Independence It wasn’t always easy, but we designed every class and module to be independent.

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