Manish valecha isca book pdf

Here are some recommendations hope you may try manish valecha isca book pdf . The best book for accounts for those who do self study. Most of the problems originate in this book and get adopted into all their books. May 2014 attempt saw a 16 marks problem coming  directly from this book.

Must Adapt it from Practice manual too. I personally liked this book very much. It is totally in line with exam pattern and weightage. Video lectures given in this book is an added advantage to us which are economic too . 16 marks and reading 100 short questions is more than sufficient to get whole 16 marks!

Surbhi Bansal is direct to the point and almost covers all topics including most of practice manual questions and has been very helpful is last minute revision. Auditing Standards come around for 40 marks and can be easily read from this book. Munish Bhandari’s Handbook is to be definitely combined with a reading of Practice Manual, as he misses out a few topics from allied laws. Manish Valecha’s ISCA book has a comprehensive approach towards the subject. Memory codes make it a little easy to remember the topics. I personally recommend buying Vinod Gupta’s book for direct tax. He has explained all provisions with examples.