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Please forward this error screen to 103. You need to login to do this. See how good you look after several millennia. In the beginning there was the city of Irem, heart of a powerful Nameless Empire, based where the Egypt of the Pharaohs would one day arise — an empire far more mystically advanced than any of the time. You and a select group of people were subject to the greatest feat of magic that has ever been attempted by mortal hands, the Rite of Return. Now, as an Arisen, you walk the line between life and death, which is both a blessing and a curse.

On one hand, you have life everlasting. Your “true” body remains as it was when you underwent the Rite, a preserved corpse, but it’s an easy thing for you to adopt a more human guise, shaped by your memory of yourself — for better and worse. The initial plan for Mummy was to do the corebook and three supplements — Guildhalls of the Deathless, Book of the Deceived and Sothis Ascends. The judges, 42 in total, are the entities mummies make their decree before during the Rite of Return, and help shape their nature as Arisen.

The guilds are the Arisen’s social groups, originating in Irem, devoted to the learning of magic. This game provides examples of: Aliens in Cardiff: The opening fiction deals with how far the Arisen have spread by focusing on the cult schism and artifact theft that results in one rising in Qaarsut, Greenland. The Nameless Empire was actually a predecessor of the Egyptian Kingdoms we know. Ancient Tomb: A Mummy has one by default. Some abilities even make them stronger within it. Back from the Dead: Each Arisen can come back from the dead under certain circumstances. However, coming back is not the problem.

It’s doing everything you can with the time you are given before going back to sleep. Furthermore, on the extremely rare cases that a Mummy is permanently destroyed, those with the right Iremite rituals can bring them back to the world of the living by helping them to body-jack a living human victim. Only problem is that it’s not an easy ritual, and if catastrophically botched? The third tier of the Awaken The Dead Utterance allows an Arisen to bring a dead human back to life. Beneath the Mask: Most of the Mummy guilds. The Sesha-Hebsu are guardians and crusaders for the truth. The Su-Menet make sure the Judges are worshiped in the modern day and that Irem’s knowledge remains alive.

The Tef-Aabi are fascinated by the modern world, and want to adapt to it as much as possible. Big Good: The Heretic, an Arisen known to most of the others who claims to have found a way to stop the life-death-revivification cycle, something the other mummies are extremely skeptical about. Brown Note: Being in the presence of a mummy’s Sekhem causes Sybaris, hallucinations of Duat and a growing understanding of what mortality entails. Only Witnesses are immune, and even then they don’t get off unscathed-they just grow obsessive. City of Adventure: Two, actually — Washington, DC and Rio de Janeiro. Cursed with Awesome: Very averted-you’d have to have a complete Lack of Empathy or any connection to retaining your memories to think being Arisen is purely good.

Darker and Edgier: In the old Mummy, you were an immortal Egyptian superhero fighting against evil, greedy occult forces. Deliberate Values Dissonance: Arisen have exactly the morality one would expect from entitled noblemen of a time when “death by barbarian” was a very real possibility. This applies to some of the 42 Judges as well. On the other hand, some of the crimes — mass murder, etc. Irem for the sake of progress anyway. Disproportionate Retribution: Seriously, don’t steal the Relics of an Arisen if you want to live. Besides quite possibly reviving a dormant one, they will find you, and you will regret taking their stuff-even leaving aside the fact that only mummies can properly control their power.