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The Queen Victoria public house in May 1988. In May 2002, Ricky arrives to Bianca’s flat in Manchester to visit Liam alongside his fiancée, Cassie. 50,000 of drug money from her boss, Vince. Ricky convinces Bianca to return the money before she gets hurt.

Vince sends the pair to a drug deal which is a set up. Ricky and Bianca escape to a hotel where they briefly rekindle their romance. Janine goes on to marry Barry for his money and accidentally kills him during an argument. Discovering his sister’s role in Barry’s death, Ricky disowns Janine and leaves Walford again in February 2004, horrified. Frank is cremated in Walford the following day. Phil orders Ricky to locate Sam in Brazil and he brings her home with him. When Bianca is about to admit her love for him, Ricky reveals that he loves Sam.

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Bianca discovers this, she tells Ricky and the engagement is called off. He advises Liam against taking money from the Beales and offers to train him to become a mechanic. At the time, big changes were occurring “behind-the-scenes”. Portrayed as a soft touch and unintellectual, the character has been dubbed “thicky Ricky” by the popular press in the UK — in the serial he failed all his GCSEs. Sid Owen has discussed Ricky’s intellect: “Ricky is just a sort of lovable innocent, really. He’s just bungling his way through life the best way he can.

Author Kate Lock has described Ricky as hapless and a figure of fun, “completely lacking in tact and rarely opens his mouth without putting his foot in it. Noting the changes his character went through in 2000, Owen said, ” grew up over the years just as all of us have to change. He became more sensitive and more mature. Ricky as he appeared in 1988. To the anger of her family, Sam persuaded Ricky to elope to Gretna Green in July 1991. The marriage was portrayed as problematic, fraught with interference from their families, lack of money, and Ricky’s jealousy of Sam’s partying and her modeling career, including a topless photoshoot.