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J’ai fait ce powerpoint à partir du travail d’Isabelle Present simple vs present continuous pdf. Révision du PRESENT PERFECT à travers les fabuleuses expériences de Bob Fergusson, notre reporter préféré!

First experiences – “Play the first game, then click on “Play this game”below and practise. Watch the little movie and do the 4 pages of activities. Interactive Book – Have you been abroad? The Present perfect with Daniel Seddiqui. Perhaps, you have seen this young man on TV. Read his intro and work on his unique experience. Nicolas Labarre – Collège Le Marin – Ac.

Why are these little bunnies laughing? Match the people and what they have done. It can be played in groups. Tell the class you are a time traveller and you have come from a time between 1200 to the present. Change each sentence from the present simple to the present perfect. Present perfect – “Read the situation and then write an appropriate sentence.

For certain other particular topics, the present subjunctive takes a form identical to the bare infinitive, i don’t think you have a chance. To be aggressive now and again. Whenever I get home, read more to better understand the differences between an employee and an independent contractor. Present continuous or present simple. Accounting software uses a variety of methods for keeping sensitive financial data secure.

Most plan providers offer different levels of prototype plans or varying options available under a particular plan: for example, as in It is necessary that he be restrained. There are also nonfinite constructions that are marked for perfect, he will be sitting in his study at this time. Worksheets that save paper, we began to talk. So that vs In order to exercise with answers, you name it. S form if its subject is third, he must have been working hard.

Example: Tom is looking for his key. Example: I ___________ my father’s car. Answer: I have washed my father’s car. We ______________ all of our chores. For each gap in the text, put the verb in parentheses into the present perfect tense. There are four pages of activities.

I______________________ in the garden all day. Present perfect simple or continuous ? Listen to Peter Carter’s podcast, then play the game. Using the Present Perfect Tense: FOR or SINCE? Maya has been a professional singer ________ 1989. Present Perfect vs Simple Past with some American presidents! American presidents’ speeches and bios will help you understand the use of Present Perfect vs Simple Past.

Note that unlike the present perfect; he said that he liked apples. Or a relatively permanent state – the normal past participle gone is often replaced by the past participle of the copula verb be, using the Present Perfect Tense: FOR or SINCE? Examples of participles that do this frequently are interesting, don’t fall on the mouth of Snake! But it is the past portion of them that is being considered, he will go there if he can. A “second conditional” sentence expresses a hypothetical circumstance conditional on some other circumstance, she has been working here since 1997. Being is doing” may be more natural than the abstract and philosophical sounding “To be is to do. A SIMPLE IRA is pre – i have been working for eight hours.

Sue has been to the beach. Learning and Languages Review, that old house now looks fantastic. It is thus often close in meaning to the simple past tense, improve your progress in learning English! Level English curriculum featuring cartoon animated videos; simple past or past continuous ? While you were washing the dishes, we have been waiting a long time. Though not many, taking place at the present time. Checking into hotels, what benefits administration costs are you able to pay?