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Grafting is one of the oldest methods of plant propagation and is standard practice today for various types of fruit trees. Whip grafting is an easy technique for the beginner, and has yielded good results for me with apples, apricots, plums and cherries. There are several other grafting techniques – bud grafting, cleft grafting, and bark grafting being some of the common ones. Why is grafting important for the home orchardist? This is a useful technique for people with small backyards. Over a few years, I have been able to graft nine to twelve varieties on each of my apple, plum, peach and apricot trees. Some fruit trees cannot reliably be grown from seeds, because the seeds do not retain the characteristics of the parent plant.

Grafting allows us to grow the identical fruit. For example, the San Francisco Bay Area has a lot of clay soil, which does not allow for easy drainage of water, and can cause diseases in fruit trees. There are various varieties of rootstock that tolerate such soil conditions. Certain varieties of fruits require pollinizers, and, instead of planting multiple fruit trees, one can simply graft a variety of pollinizer on the fruit tree to be pollinated, thus eliminating the space and care needed for an entire fruit tree. Not every fruit is easy or possible to graft.

For example, figs have challenges with grafting, because of the sap they release. Some folks have come up with novel solutions to graft figs, but I haven’t tried them yet. I graft varieties when the trees are just coming out of dormancy, from mid February to mid March, in the San Francisco Bay Area. We need to observe compatibility between the scion and the host branch. Similarly, there is strong compatibility between apples and pears but you can’t graft apples on oranges and vice versa. In January I collect the varieties I want to graft on to my fruit trees. I cut the branches to fit a plastic sealable bag, and put a damp piece of napkin in the bag to keep them from drying out.

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