Vehicle inspection form pdf

Under this Program, the Ministry licenses qualified, garage operators to conduct mandatory motor vehicle safety and structural vehicle inspection form pdf to certify that vehicles meet minimum safety requirements. Inspections are required either at specified time intervals, or when an event such as the sale of a used vehicle takes place.

The program ensures that vehicles meet a minimum safety standard before they receive a certificate or sticker. This update will improve accessibility and efficiency through the introduction of some online services in the coming months. Anyone who applies to establish, operate or maintain a MVIS, meets the requirements and pays the fees is allowed to hold a MVIS licence. The person who holds the licence is responsible for all station requirements. The inspection standards required for vehicles that need safety standards certificates are changing on July 1, 2016.

Learn more about the new inspection standards. Modernization of the MVIS Program Some changes were implemented as part of the MVIS Program modernization on September 8, 2015. New MVIS client application, stock order and other forms, which are now available for download from the Ontario government’s Central Forms Repository via the links in the Forms section at the bottom of this page. Services related to opening and closing stations being conducted by the MVIS Unit. MVIS licence with one licence number. Online services for the MVIS program will be implemented in the coming months. Details will be provided here once they are finalized.

Proof of legal name of applicant. Proof of lease must include: date, name and signature of lessor and lessee, address of the property being leased and the term of the lease. Proof of zoning compliance to operate a vehicle inspection station issued by the Province or Municipality. When the Ministry of Transportation receives your application, an enforcement officer will contact you to arrange a site visit.

If the application is approved a MVIS Licence will be issued. Required Tools Required tools must be present at the MVIS location. Technician’s common hand tools, such as sockets, wrenches, screw drivers, pliers, hammer, etc. Detect leaks in compressed fuel systems i.

Measure the torque of wheel and rim fasteners. A copy of the actual measurements taken for each vehicle. All tools must be kept in proper working order and all measuring or testing devices must be calibrated to a degree of accuracy set out in the requirements of the inspection standard. Technician You can register mechanics or technicians for your station as part of the application process or by completing the reverse side of the List of Registered Mechanics form and sending it to the MVIS Unit with the mechanic fee. Renewal The MVIS licence and registration of mechanics expires on December 31st of each year. A renewal form will be sent to you in October of each year.

MVIS Unit by December 31st of each year. 14 fee per registered mechanic for applications received between January and June and are valid until December of the same year. 7 fee per registered mechanic for applications received between July and October and are valid until December of the same year. 14 fee per registered mechanic for applications received between November and December and are valid until December of the following year. Inspection Types Structural Inspection – required when a vehicle needs structural repairs due to a collision. It ensures that it has been properly repaired and is roadworthy. A SIC is issued to a vehicle that passes this inspection.