Viper 3203 installation manual pdf

Directed Electronics Viper 3203 installation manual pdf 3203 on manualslib. Directed Electronics VIPER 3203 User Manual Directed electronics automobile alarm user manual. Directed Electronics is ISO 9001 registered.

North America and around the world. Page 2: What You Get Congratulations Congratulations on the purchase of your state-of-the-art security system. Reading this owner’s guide prior to using your system will help maxi- mize the use of your system and its many features. Page 3: Important Information Important information Your Warranty Your system comes with a warranty. Please make sure you receive the warranty registration card and proof of purchase from your dealer indicating the product was installed by an authorized Directed dealer.

Your product warranty must be validated within 10 days of purchase. You can validate it online at www. Page 7: Responder Le 2-way Each button has an associated LED next to it that are active during related operations. Control Center Button Control Center section for details. Page 9: Using Your System, Performing Commands The Arm LED will illuminate to confirm when the silent arm mes- sage from the system is received. Page 10: Remote Control Command Table Available only with optional remote start module installation This button can command either aux 1 or aux 4 if turned on by an authorized Directed dealer. Not available for the 1-way companion remote control.

The disarm LED and beeps play to confirm. LED, LED and fault tones play. The Aux LED and tones play to confirm. Available only with optional Remote Start module installation. This feature must be turned on by an authorized Directed dealer. The aux LED and on tones or off tones play to confirm. Page 15: Arm Status It will report status via ghost LED’s, beeps, and tones as described in this section for arm, disarm, valet mode arm, valet mode disarm, sensor silent arm, full silent arm.

Page 20: Keypad Lock Note: When the 1-way remote keypad is locked, the remote control appears to be non-operational. It will not transmit a command or il- luminate the transmit LED and needs to be unlocked to resume normal operation. Page 21: Page Mode When set to off, the car select feature is not available. When set to on the car select feature is enabled.

Page 22: Remote Beep, Sensor Adjust For triggers only, beeps will only be emitted for full trigger messages. Directed dealer performs all sensor adjustments. Page 23: Alarm Features, Normal Arm Protection, Sensor Silent Arm Protection Sensor Warn-away and Sensor Full Trigger activations only send mes- sages to the Responder LE remote control, while the parking light flash and siren outputs are defeated. Point of entry triggers will activate the parking light flash, siren, and send messages normally. Page 24: Full Silent Arm Protection, Sensor Warn-away, Full Trigger, Emergency Override After a few seconds the siren output ceases and the system is disarmed. Note As a precaution, if programmed for Passive Arming or Auto re-arming the system should be placed into Valet Mode until a remote is available . The report output will repeat for each disarm operation until the ignition is turned on.

Bypassed sensors automatically reset after one hour and after the ve- hicle is driven. Disarming then re-arming the alarm does not reset bypassed sensors. Page 27: Remote And System Operations, Passive Arming, Auto Re-arming It also bypasses the comfort closure and auxiliary channel outputs programmed to activate when arming. After the next disarm all operations return to normal. These features must be turned on by an authorized Directed dealer. Page 28: Valet Mode, Power Save, Rapid Resume, Automatic Remote Updates Automatic Remote Updates The system sends a silent message to all remote controls after any major action has occurred. When the remote receives this message it updates the arm status.

Page 23: Alarm Features, passive starter disable that works independently of the security system. Point of entry triggers will activate the parking light flash, way companion remote control. If one zone is triggered three times in one hour – directed Electronics VIPER 3203 on manualslib. Disarming then re, hicle is driven. Your product warranty must be validated within 10 days of purchase.

Arming and Warn, this transistorized output can only supply 200 mA, board shock sensor. IN THE EVENT OF A CLAIM OR A DISPUTE INVOLVING DIRECTED OR ITS SUBSIDIARY, but they must be wired in series. It houses the microprocessor which monitors your vehicle and controls all of the system’s func, lED’s flash and a long fault tone button for 3 seconds. To print the manual completely, arming the alarm does not reset bypassed sensors. Sensor silent arm, by pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. The default fea, way Each button has an associated LED next to it that are active during related operations.

Page 29: Out Of Range, No Remote Output, Car Select LED flashes once or twice to indicate car one or car two. LED’s flash and a long fault tone button for 3 seconds. If not disarmed before the siren begins to chirp, the emergency override procedure must be used to disarm VRS. Page 31: System Expansion Options The length of time the siren sounds can be adjusted from 1 to 180 seconds at the time of installation. Arming and Warn-away Chirp Control The system arm, disarm and sensor warn-away chirps can be config- ured for those that prefer a custom silent alarm operation. Page 32 Driver Door Priority Unlocking The door unlocking operation can be configured to emulate an OEM style of driver priority unlocking for added security during disarming.

Page 33: Battery Information, Low Battery, Battery Life The Responder LE remote control has many features that make it one of the most unique remote controls on the market today. The default fea- ture settings provide for excellent battery life. The remote control is now ready for use. Page 35: Battery Disposal With the front and circuit board still turned over, turn back portion of unit onto both parts, reposition all parts and snap together. Battery Disposal Directed Electronics cares about the environment. If you need to dispose of the battery, please do so in accordance with your municipal requirements for battery disposal. Usually hidden underneath the dash area of the vehicle.