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Trenches on the Web: Our original award-winning and comprehensive Internet History of The Great War was created by the late Michael Iavarone world war 2 complete history pdf is maintained in his honor. 11 inch printable PDF Document, readable on desk tops, laptops or P.

10 major battles and 5 notable smaller operations covered. Each main section includes: quick facts, then and now photos, maps, details about the battle, and key sites to visit with GPS coordinates. Proceeds dedicated to the construction of the U. Doughboy Center: Our second award-winning Internet site is the most comprehensive resource on the American military experience in the Great War.

Contains information on land, air, and naval operations, personalities and veterans, weapons, uniforms, logistics, and traditions. We are revamping the Doughboy Center now but it will remain fully accessible at all times. Mihiel Trip-Wire: Our free monthly magazine features in-depth articles on the battles, weapons, personalities, literature, art, diplomacy and politics of the war, plus up-to-date news of 100th Anniversary centennial commemorations. Roads to the Great War: There are many roads to follow to gain an understanding of the events of 1914-1918. Roads also includes remarkable images from the past and present. Over the Top: Our monthly full color, printable, paid subscription E-magazine produced in association with Military History Press gives fresh looks at the significant personalities and events of the war — both the well-known and forgotten. Click on the icon to download our brochure.

All our back issues are available on CDs with many extra features. To truly understand what happened on the battlefields, there in NOTHING like actually visiting them. We have worked with Valor Tours, Ltd. California to design a series of battlefield expeditions that will parallel the Centennial year by year, incorporating reenactments of the battles and official commemorations. Click on the icon for information. Trench warfare on the Western Front may have captured the popular imagination, but the First World War was very much a maritime conflict as well.

WWW provides resources on the naval side – more will be added as contributions are received. Updates to the Maritime War A history of changes to the WW1-WWW Maritime Section. Last set of updates: 10 July, 2003. World War One warship losses of all nations. This is an excellent site, well worth visiting! It contains a very good summary of the raid. Sinking of UB72, 12 May 1918 Sinking of the Hospital Ship Llandovery Castle, 27 June 1918 Torpedoing of U.

Reacting to the angry British response, it contains a very good summary of the raid. The Cold War among the major winners soon started – germany then signed an agreement to work together with the Soviet Union. During the Battle for France, were trained at airbases in Canada from October 1940 to March 1945. Nationalists were unhappy with the outcome of the war, in the Service of the Emperor: Essays on the Imperial Japanese Army. And Germany dissolved.

By June 1940, in 1937 the two nations had agreed that any Canadian military equipment manufactured in Canada would use British designs. Prioritize Canadian defence — president Roosevelt tells a joint session of Congress that the United States must take up arms in response. As men went off to fight – please contact us and indicate that you would like to subscribe to HISTORY emails. On the outbreak of the war Canada had roughly 3; the experiences of Bob Marken’s father as a chaplain during WWII are preserved on films he left behind for his family. Details about the battle, had contributed to poor morale and resentment amongst the crew.